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Discover the power of professional video production for your business or organization across any industry. Parks Place Communications, Inc. specializes in comprehensive video services, including writing, producing, directing, & editing. From national TV commercials to animations, fundraising, branding, marketing, training, and eLearning videos, we cater to diverse clients. With a deep understanding of effective creative communication, we consistently deliver on our promises, as attested by our satisfied clients. Combining imagination with technical expertise, we create impactful videos that yield optimal results and help you reach your goals. Trust our renowned reputation, exacting standards, and successful digital media campaigns. Contact us today and unlock the potential of video production to drive creativity and achieve outstanding outcomes.


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TV Commercial Production

TV commercial production involves the creation and execution of engaging advertisements for television audiences. It requires careful planning, scripting, shooting, editing, and post-production to deliver a compelling message within a short timeframe. Skilled professionals utilize their expertise to capture attention, convey brand messages effectively, and drive desired actions from viewers.


Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are informative messages created to raise awareness and promote positive social change. These short, impactful videos or audio clips aim to educate the public about important issues, such as health, safety, and community initiatives. PSAs often feature influential figures or relatable stories to engage and inspire audiences to take action.

Government Video Production

Government video production plays a vital role in conveying important information and fostering transparency. It involves creating engaging videos to inform citizens about policies, services, and initiatives. Whether it’s educational content, public announcements, or documentation of events, government agencies rely on professional video production to effectively communicate and engage with the public.

Corporate Video Production Services

Corporate video production services cater to businesses of all sizes, providing professional and engaging visual content. These services encompass a wide range of video types, including promotional videos, training videos, internal erage, and more. Skilled production teams work closely with clients to create

Non-Profit Video Production

Non-profit video production plays a crucial role in raising awareness, fostering empathy, and mobilizing support for charitable causes. These videos highlight the impact of non-profit organizations, share personal stories, and inspire action. Professional production services help non-profits effectively communicate their mission, connect with donors, and create compelling narratives that drive positive change.